Bliss: The Journey Home

Hello beautiful souls,

This past weekend I attended my 4th Bliss Project.  As always, I want to take the opportunity to reflect and share my experience with all of you.   Powerful shifts and transformations happen every year, and I know that by sharing here, it will help, impact and empower all of you gorgeous readers.

Let’s begin with where I came into Bliss from.  After the Bliss Project 2018, I felt like I immediately went down and then rode on an emotional roller coaster for a majority of the year.  I swear, I never cried so much in my life as I did last March.  

It felt like step after step I took, God put up roadblock after roadblock.  Testing just how much I wanted what I said I did and also making sure any lessons that hadn’t been mastered or any tools I was still lacking were addressed. 

And…I “failed.”  I crumbled.  I got DEFEATED.  I stayed on the ground for a LONG TIME before getting back up.  Throughout these tough times, my belief in myself plummeted.  I lacked faith.   I didn’t stop believing in myself, but my belief was at an all-time low.

So, going into Bliss, I felt as though I didn’t make as much progress as in years past.

The theme that Lori chose for this year’s event was, “Permission.”  Ironically, my intention going into The Bliss Project this year was to let go, surrender and release.  LET GO of limiting beliefs and thoughts, SURRENDER to God’s plan and RELEASE anything not serving me.

So this past weekend, I gave myself PERMISSION to do just that.  To me, giving MYSELF permission means:

–  Not waiting for others to tell me I’m worthy

–  Believing in myself and not needing others to validate that I can do this work

This weekend at The Bliss Project I experienced a HUGE SHIFT.

On Day 1, Lori had us call out the story (ies) we’ve been telling ourselves.  From “I’m not worthy, I’m not enough, I’m not ____.”  We acknowledged them and all the ways they are NOT serving us, and how they are holding us back.  Then, chose to rewrite them.  So I’m not worthy and I’m not successful changed into, “I AM WORTHY!  I AM SUCCESSFUL! and  I AM POWERFUL!”

On Day 2, we started off the day physically releasing any leftover shit from our cells and bodies.  Various POWERHOUSE guest speakers had us participate in Breath Work and Meditations, that literally had the floodgates opening.  Tears were just pouring down our faces.

We ended our day really filling up our cups and empowered each other in some POWERFUL, sacred ways.  We told each other what we needed to hear when we were younger, and with a partner spoke the beauty we saw in one another.

I literally feel as though I walked out of the room Sunday evening a WHOLE NEW WOMAN.

In order to really lock in this year’s growth, I decided to try a new practice on.  Every day, I journal whatever wins I had.  Whether they be micro (small) or MACRO (BIG) ones.  I’m documenting it all, from having the courage to have spoken up to a salesperson in a store to SHARING MY COACHING PROGRAM or EVENT with the WORLD!

For me, I go back to Bliss every year simply put, because it makes me HAPPY.

Expanding on it, I LOVE going back to see my beautiful sisters I haven’t seen in a year or more.  I LOVE connecting with new, gorgeous souls.  I LOVE encouraging and passing on my wisdom to newbies.  I LOVE holding space for others’ breakthroughs.  I LOVE all the hugs and support I receive.  

It’s literally a weekend being in a SAFE, MAGICAL space with 500 other women where you’re encouraged, supported, reminded of your POWER, where EVERYONE wants to SEE YOU WIN. 

This space brings us home to our power.

It cultivates tribe, love, growth, FREEDOM and BLISS.

Bliss is HOME 





Defeated No Longer

Good morning tribe!  It’s been awhile!

I see you coming home from work every day in tears.

I understand the defeat you’re feeling. Day in and day out feeling unappreciated.

I hear the confusion in your head as you think, “I don’t want to be in this job, but I don’t know what next.”

I know you’re sitting there spending hours Googling what other jobs you can do with your degree/skills.

I know all too well the frustration you feel when nothing resonates.

I’m here today to tell you that it does get better. I can say this, because I too have been there. You my dear, are NOT ALONE.

“Yeah, but how Elizabeth?”

A few ways my loves:

– When we drop the story the story that we’re stuck and confused.

– When we connect in with the fact that we’re meant for and worthy of BIGGER things. That to make an impact in the world and feel fulfilled, we are needed outside of the 9-5 life.

– When we surrender and invest in support from others to guide us. We’re not in this alone.

I hear that sigh of relief. That weight lifted off your shoulders.

I have a few spots left in my Mastermind coaching groups.

The women in these groups are thriving on the supportive community and they feel safe knowing they aren’t alone in their feelings. They are now know what’s next AND taking action. They’ve left behind confusion and identify with clarity.

I see that spark of hope in your eyes now.

How much longer are you going to tolerate the frustration and tears before you make a change?

Comment or DM me if this resonates. Let’s get you unstuck and feeling POWERFUL again 💜✨

Photo Credit: Joanne Marie Krayer


Craving a Safe Space

September 22nd to September 25th, 2017 I was blessed to be in this space

A space where I could be 1000% authentically me.

A place where I could voice whatever fears and thoughts were present for me without judgment.

A space that brought healing.

A space where I was reminded me how powerful and worthy I am.

A space where I bawled my eyes out. When someone recognized what I needed right then and held me without words.

A place where I was supported and surrounded by sisterhood.

Thinking back on this special, magical time I get goosebumps.

Creating a similar kind of space myself gets me so excited!

Creating a virtual space for women to be themselves, share their struggles, and move out of that stuck, trapped feeling they have about their 9-5. A space with women all on similar journeys, gaining clarity and truly knowing how to make their day to day life feel amazing



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STOP…Giving Your Power Away

Yesterday morning, I was thinking about times in which I gave my power away.

For instance, when others make critical, judgmental comments, instead of following my heart/standing in my power, I succumb to them.

Like times when people make comments about my outfit and then I change (the struggle is real…I don’t want to give in…but the guilt when they project their anxieties).

Yup, and then full transparency, this played out last night and I gave in. FML! It was the, “your grandfather isn’t going to be happy” comment.  Guess what?!? I changed into that outfit when we got home, and he didn’t give a shit.  Should have not succumbed to other people caring what others will think.

When others tell me decisions I’m going to make aren’t in my best interest, and I follow their advice. When it’s really that they aren’t in my best interest in their eyes/how they perceive how I should do things.

Next time you find yourself in a situation (and I’m taking my own advice too) where you get to stand in your power or give it to someone else…remind yourself that:

You are a goddess 💜

You are a warrior 💜

You are fierce 💜

You are strong 💜

You are powerful 💜

You’ve got this! 💜


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Earth is Hiring Book Tour


This Earthess 💗

I have been following PK for almost 4 years now (when I started Isagenix).

She always seems to say exactly what I need to hear.  It hits my soul hard and stretches me in ways I never imagined.

Peta was my first mentor on my personal development journey, when I joined her group, The Supercharged back in December 2015.

The birth place of so much of my growth.

As much as Peta’s seen me evolve (in ways I may not even see), I’ve seen her evolve.  As she expands and grows in the beautiful work she does for this world, the things that I love the most are her honesty, vulnerability, no bullshit and unwavering alignment to her and her truth.

When I left the Supercharged last September, it was time to stop being a student and begin to integrate my knowledge and gifts as a teacher.  Since then, I’ve been growing my coaching business.

Some days I get defeated with the process and my faith is tested.

Friday, I literally told myself, “but Elizabeth you’re not meant to be learning more now, the slow down you’ve been in the past 8 months is exactly where you need to be).  No additional programs etc.”

Yesterday, PK touched on this.  She also touched on listening into and communicating with our vision and soul over and over.  Like I said, exactly what I needed to hear…I need to establish a WAY deeper connection.

So grateful to have had the opportunity to see and hug Peta yesterday.  It had been WAY too long! (A little over two years to be exact).  So grateful that God brought her to me on my path.

After all these years, she continues to inspire and touch my soul and I continue to take nuggets of what I need in her work.

Thank you, Peta for not only yesterday, but for everything over the years and the ones to come 💜✨


Girl on Fire

As an empowerment coach, I have a HUGE vision for the work I’m doing in this world.

My vision is to help women who are stuck. Women who say they need a change but don’t know exactly what it is. Who sound like a broken record, “l don’t know what to do next,” “I don’t know what I want to do.” These women are frustrated in their jobs, career, relationships etc. They feel stuck and confused. Yet, they are not taking steps to move out of this painful place.

I see the women who have completed 4, 8 weeks of working with me. They are now clear on what their next step is. They are moving forward and actually taking action. I see them lit up about serving others! I see they’ve moved through their fears and are no longer hiding out. These women have tools to know what to do when they feel stuck again. They are being COURAGEOUS, sharing THEIR voices. They are happy. These women are on fire because they have that support they craved. They are SO HAPPY they said YES! YES to themselves and their future. YES to getting out of a painful. These women are shining so bright.

I get it because this was me for THREE long, frustrating years. Day after day I said, “I hate my job, but don’t know what to do next.” I’d Google “What else can I do with a teaching degree?” I’d spend hours scrolling Indeed looking at jobs, applying for few jobs here and there that seemed interesting.” Truth be told, I complained, identified with the feeling of stuck, yet never took action. Underneath it all, deep down I wasn’t happy.

Through the help of mentors, coaches, support and guidance. I found that clarity I’d been longing for, for years.

This is why I am so passionate about this work and my vision coming to life. I’m so excited for my tribe to move from hiding out to shining bright!



If this resonates oplease check out the link below AND help me share my message sand gift this link to those YOU know who need it.



Do You Have What it Takes To….

An open letter to YOU…


I see you hiding out. Yes, YOU.

Stuck in the fear the of “I don’t know.” Stuck fearing what others think and afraid to make your next move.

Joining groups, jumping on every opportunity to learn more… .
But then sitting on the sidelines. Not actively participating, but taking in everything.

Good for you!  I applaud you!


It takes going somewhere uncomfortable to truly go somewhere new.  And that probably means speaking up, even when you don’t have the “right” answer yet.
I know you’re sitting there taking action that hasn’t gotten you anywhere. 
Yet, you’re too afraid to ask for help. You’re too afraid to play BIG. Your fear is driving the boat.

It’s time to take over the wheel. It’s time to stop hiding out. It’s time to be brave, speak up and ask for that support you’re longing for.

I get it, because that used to be me. This is why I am so lit up about helping women like you.

Are you going to continue hiding or step forward and get the help you need to move forward? You don’t need to know “how”, just that something needs to change.




Photo credit: Boss Babe Photography

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day was this past week.

It was so timely, as last weekend, only a few days before, I attended my 3rd Bliss Project.  Every year it continues to be next level and I am so beyond grateful for the experiences, and incredible women I’ve met.  For the amazing leaders I’ve been blessed to learn from.  It’s truly a weekend filled with laughter, tears, support, magic, gratitude and BLISS 💜

Where for a few days we are able to let down our walls, and be ourselves.  Be who we truly are without worrying about what others think.  A place in which we can be vulnerable and know we’re helping at least one person in the room.  A space in which we hold each other up through whatever arises.  Where so much love and cheering our sisters on is ever present.

How cool would it be if this were the case in everyday life?  Women building each other up, instead of judging, gossiping, being jealous etc.

So to ALL the women reading this, I honor you and thank you for everything you do for this world 💗🙏🏻✨

Big love,

Depression was My Greatest Gift

I RARELY talk about this…but I know there are people out there who can relate, and need to hear this message.

There was a point in my life when getting through the day was a struggle. I just wanted to curl up in bed all day and cry.  I was secretly dealing with some situational depression.

On the outside I was smiling, but on the inside I was falling apart.  In order to convince myself I was happy, I endlessly scrolled Instagram for anything positive (mostly quotes) that helped prove I was okay, and everything was going to be okay.

Although this was a dark time, it ended up being the catalyst to my journey within.

It taught me that answers don’t come when we’re trying to figure it all out, and that even when things feel messy, a brighter, clearer future is on the other side.  Most importantly it brought positive, inspiring leaders into my life.  Even just a few months later, I was saying yes to mentoring with the women I once admired from my social media scrolling.

If this speaks to you, let me know, because it’s time to break the cycle so you can truly start shining bright.


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Meditation 101

Truthfully, I used to never care about meditation….

My first experience with it was at String Camp at 15. The man who taught yoga did meditation at the end. My friends & I laid there and did everything we could to hide that we were laughing. It was not relaxing, it was weird.

Years ago, I was basically, an anxious/nervous wreck. Creative ideas and worrisome thoughts filled my head 24/7. A friend used to say to me, “Elizabeth, your wheels are always spinning, my dear.”

It was true! I’d toss and turn all night with thoughts preoccupying my mind. I was attempting to figure out everything. Where I wanted to go, what I wanted to do career wise.

In 2016, when I was in such a stuck phase, I attended an event where we did a beautiful meditation. Right after this, words of clarity came pouring out of my mouth.

Essentially, the meditation finally helped me get out of my head and into my heart.

Now, meditation is the key to my self-care routine. It makes words flow from my soul onto paper, and clarity comes in the silence or right after.

I notice a HUGE difference when I don’t.

Here’s what gift meditation has shown me…the power of getting quiet.

I know you’re saying, “Yeah but (an excuse as to why you can’t/it’s too hard).” It takes time my loves, so if your mind is still very busy keep at it. Small steps, a few minutes a day.

How much more clarity and focus could you have in your life if you incorporated meditation?